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App Name Angry Birds Friend Apk
Genre Arcade
Size 99 MB
Latest Version 10.11.0
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People have always enjoyed arcade games. A lot of arcade games are addictive in the sense that they keep everyone so engaged. One such game is Angry Bird. It is a game that is familiar to people of all ages today. The game has been downloaded in millions of countries around the globe. The puzzle game is one of the most popular games out there. Due to its captivating graphics, children are more likely to play this game. Angry Birds started out as a casual puzzle game, but it has become so popular that it has many levels. Rovio Entertainment created this masterpiece. The inspiration for the game came from the wingless birds.

Angry birds eggs have been stolen by mean pigs. As part of the game, angry birds are given certain weapons and buffs that can be used to shoot pigs. This game features beautiful graphics and different levels of play that keep people engaged.

Angry Birds Friends APK

Angry Birds Friends APK

The player is required to recover the Angry Birds Apk much-loved eggs from mean pigs since the eggs have been stolen. Each species of bird has its own unique characteristics. It is up to the player to select any bird that they want to fight with the mean pigs to retrieve the eggs. As the game advances, the pigs show up with different defense mechanisms, and the player has to identify the weak spots of each animal.


Easy To Control

The player has access to two types of control: easy and institutional. Using these control options, you can contact the pigs, choose your power meter and choose your power meter according to your instinct. Hitting the pigs perfectly is possible through an effortless and pleasing touch.


You will gradually become familiar with the gameplay in Angry Birds Apk as we see it is not a simple game. Angry Birds has a lot more to offer as the game goes on. Until a player is able to hit the pigs with perfect efficiency, it will take some time to become a pro.

Angry Birds Friends APK

Different Amazing Birds

Before every match, there are certain attacks that the player can use to explore the whole construction or are To reach the delicate points To bring down the pigs’ defense a player can choose a bird according to his strategy before each match.

Birds Capability

The player receives exciting and amazing powerups and buffs that enhance the bird’s explosive capability or penetrating power. Since he will not get another chance to use these bulbs, the player must use these bulbs with extreme Intelligence.

Playing Against Online Players

The game can be played both offline and online. Online battles are fought by a mighty league. You can compete with online gamers from around the world who are located in different cities and even countries.


A fun game that keeps the player engaged and eager to explore new levels, difficulties, and buffs. Playing this game is fun for all ages, and it is also accessible. It is not as easy as other games but is nevertheless very enjoyable and captivating.

Angry Birds Friends APK


Is it safe to download Angry Birds Friends Apk?

Yes, You can download it without any worry. The mobile has been checked with different malware systems to see if there are any viruses or if in any way the mobile could be damaged. All of the tests were successful.

How do you cheat at Angry Birds?

There are different cheat codes in this game that can help the player unlock different levels. There are different cheat versions of the game available online.