B612 APK 11.0.15 (Premium Unlocked) Download For Android

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Latest Version 11.0.15
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B612 APK

One of the best things about photo editing apps is that you can enhance your photos, enhance your videos, and even share your masterpieces. In addition, not all of these apps give you the ability to intervene where necessary, rendering them useless over time. Thank goodness we’ve found the golden ratio of photo and video editing and it’s called B612 Apk. You have to admit that this is one of the best editing apps on the market, and this is why:

In order to ensure that each image or video captured by B612 Apk accurately depicts the moment it is intended to show, it has integrated its features immediately. The trendy effects, cute stickers, and creative filters allow you to preserve those special moments for a much longer period than you expect. In addition to all these benefits, this app is entirely free, so it’s hard to ignore such a great deal.

B612 APK


Real-life filters

If you’ve ever used Snapchat, you might know how handy it is to have a real-time smart camera. That’s the main idea behind B612 Apk, which lets you apply real-life filters to your already beautiful face while you’re using the application. It would be fun to do that with friends and family, especially those who can’t put their hands down when they see those exaggerated caricatures of themselves. There are endless possibilities, you just need to be creative.

B612 Apk also doesn’t let you get bored. The company constantly uploads updated AR effects, and for each new season, they release fancy new filters. There is also a clear and night mode in the app, so you can always post high-quality photos and videos.

In case you’re one of those people who can’t make up their minds, then you can use the wonderful Smart Beauty filter, which will give you different effects in real-time. It will provide you with suggested styles that fit your face shape the best, so you can create a custom style that suits you. In addition to this component, you also have the AR Makeup feature, which is great for enhancing your facial features. You can choose a relaxed look with a few light touches, or you can choose a more structured ensemble that will look stunning at your prom. It will be easier for you to try different looks and see which ones work best for you.

Amazing beauty effect

There are also a variety of beautiful settings available in B612 Apk that you may use with confidence. Using real-time effects on your live video is easy right now. The process should make it easier for you to pick the right effects for each shot. Create beautiful skins for your characters and let the program adjust the shape of their faces automatically. The mobile app for BeautyPlus provides several unique effects that can be unlocked.

Music and Sounds

Videos can now be accompanied by an array of music files, which makes the content more interesting. The massive selection of music and sound effects in B612 Apk makes choosing from hundreds of options easy. If you choose appropriate films for your exciting songs, you’ll have an even more rewarding visual experience. There are also numerous detailed sound settings you can implement to create a more dynamic playback experience.

B612 APK

Using AR Technology

B612 for Android now uses AR technology, allowing users to create amazing videos on their creative projects using AR. Put your face into adorable animals, anime characters, or intriguing figures, and your photos and videos will come alive. Explore the app’s different features and see what new beauty you can discover.

Editing Tools

Additionally, B612 offers a range of basic tools and standard editing functions so that you can edit both photos and videos. Take pictures you’ll love with the traditional photo editing interface, which offers many options for you to discover. Make the whole process simpler by using keyframe editing to select any frame you wish to edit, to choose from any desired effects or filters, and to quickly apply your chosen changes to your movies.

Feature Boomerang Videos

If you are still not convinced, B612 Apk allows you to utilize boomerang videos in your captured footage, resulting in an exclusive visual experience. Take pictures and make loops with the great video clips that will spice up the camera app on your phone.

Collages Photos

Additionally, B612 allows you to create a variety of video and photo collages from many of your photos and videos. Feel free to Latest any of the existing templates within the mobile app to make them your own. Take a single photo or create a video collage containing all of your cherished memories. Share your precious memories online by unloading and publishing your video/film.

Everything is better in Pro

There’s something about photo editing apps that is wonderful up until the point when their premium warnings kill off your enthusiasm. This has now all been put to an end with the B612 Apk, which lets you have a blast with all the filters, effects, stickers, and video-editing tools it offers. Feel free to express your old soul in retro style, or you can choose a more modern style that will make you a celebrity in no time.

Besides, this app isn’t as tacky as other photo editing apps out there. Using the Advanced Color Edit feature, you can adjust colors precisely so that your pictures have a higher quality and can engage online users. It will be easy for you to adapt your masterpieces to all online platforms if social media is your goal. Among the features of B612 Apk are the tools for cropping, bordering, changing sizes, and anything else related.

B612 APK


Does B612 APK work on all Android phones?

Unfortunately, no. It will only work on Android 5.0+ devices

What is the size of the B612 APK on my device?

Your device will need at least 100 MB to store it.

Is it possible to use B612 APK on a rooted device?

You will not need to do anything special.


Once you’re done editing, you can decorate your photos with some of the hilarious stickers included in the app. There are a lot of them here that have been contributed by other online users, so don’t be afraid to share your artistic skills. The only thing that really matters, in this case, is that you have fun with it. If you want to experience everything B612 Apk has to offer, you should download it from the linked page. You will love it!