Playit APK for Android latest version free download

App Name PLAYit
Latest Version v2.6.2.3
Android Version Android 4.2+


PLAYit APK is a great all-in-one application. It really is all in one. There are both a media player and a video player within the app. There may not be this type of app, and then you must search for other multiple player apps. But now, your work is simpler. You have two games on the same device now. Simply download and enjoy. An exceptional video and media player is something that we can use to have a great experience. We can enjoy the media in multiple arenas. It plays videos both locally and internationally of any quality. You can select the quality that you want.

PLAYit apk gives you more ways to watch videos. You can download any video item as soon as you have the apps installed. Furthermore, you should share the videos immediately on Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, or Instagram. Anytime and anywhere you want, you can watch the videos you’ve previously saved. Even when there are poor network connections, the app is able to play video smoothly without affecting the experience. There are a lot of stunning features available in this video player in HD quality for the New Year.

Features of the PLAYit apk

Integrated music player

PLAYit is also a good Android music player in addition to the features discussed above. The application scours the device’s entire file system for music files and then imports them into the player when you grant it access and read from the memory. You can check this by going to All Songs.

As a matter of course, a music player will have some features like searching and filtering. The powerful filters in PLAYit APK allow you to search for tracks by album, artist, etc. It’s even possible to sort these tracks alphabetically based on their year of release.



The PLAYit MP3 converter can convert mp4 files to mp3 if you don’t have any music on your device or if you want to listen to exclusive music that is only available in mp4 format. You need to select the MP4 file you wish to convert, and then embed it in the app’s converter. The best part is that the work will then be automatically processed, finally resulting in your desired mp3 file.

HD Video Player

Play any video you want from your local media library, including movies, trailers, status videos, and any other video. If you switch to another application or turn off the phone screen, you can continue playing the video in the background.

Floating play lets you watch a video while also using other applications at the same time. You can change the volume, the volume of the playback, and the brightness using the joystick. Videos will automatically start playing from the last location.

Pros and Cons


  1. The hardware system allows you to play videos in the highest quality possible.
  2. Access all the video files in your system and display them in an easy to read list.
  3. Playback of super movies in floating pop-up screens.
  4. SW decoder for an improved viewing experience.
  5. Added ability to download social network clips.
  6. Support for a wide variety of music files.


It does not work on other players

Quickly searching, downloading, and viewing

Downloading videos is as simple as clicking a button. The private browsing option is also offered by PLAYit. Click the Search tab to find any video. Then follow the download instructions. When you download a video or an image, it will automatically be saved to your device. If you want to combine your video with your story or status, you can do so as well.

Availability of the subtitle function

There is no doubt that PLAYit users are watching films. They may not only watch local movies. In order to watch the different films from the different countries, you certainly need a translator. In this case, the online subtitling feature is available only for the film. It lets the user translate English, Tamil, and Hindi in just a few clicks by using the Playit app.

Smart gesture options

For all users of the PLAYit apk, all gestures are very easy to remember. This will be because a smart application will be used by smart people. By using these intuitive gestures, people could easily adjust playback speed, volume, and brightness. They can be utilized for a variety of functions.


Automatic detection of local files

In PLAYit, this is a special ability. This program will quickly recognize all contents on your SD card or Android device. The PLAYit apk will not affect the format of the video you have downloaded. You can watch HD videos this way.

Advanced kernel SW decoder

Acceleration software is easily applied to a variety of formats anyone could possibly have encountered in the past. After switching the decoding Version, the playback would show any difference in quality. It can also be smoother and of higher quality.

Playit Apk FAQs

Does APK harm your device?

NO, is the short answer. Apks do not harm your device, they add additional features and allow you to customize your original apps.

What is the best way to install Playit Apk

Various tools are available on the internet that you can use to download .apk files and install them on your Android phone.

How can you uninstall Playit Apk?

Playit Apk can be uninstalled easily with the app’s features or you can use third-party tools. If there is anything else you want to know, please feel free to contact us.


The PLAYit APK app makes your life easier. By using this app, you can find things to do near you or in other cities on weekends as well as find things to do near you. Download Playit if you don’t want to scroll through social media posts all weekend looking for ideas.

Besides articles from local publications and blogs, the app also has user-generated content submitted by people who are looking for things to do around town. Additionally, it works not just in one city, but across the country, allowing users to discover and experience various types of events and experiences whenever and wherever they are. So now they won’t have an excuse.