Download Subway Surfers APK (Unlimited Money) v2.35.1

App Name Subway Surfers APK
Publisher APK FILE
Size175 MB
Latest Version v2.35.1
InfoUnlimited Money
Update June 24, 2022


There is no age limit to playing subway surfers APK since it is a worldwide popular game enjoyed by people in every age group. There are millions of people playing this game on the internet, and its ratings are high. Therefore, it counts among the top ten games on the Internet. You decide how far you want to go in Subway Surfers, so it is an endless journey.

It’s all about running and collecting cool things on the railway track in subway surfers, so you’ve got to run as long as you can. There is no end to the coins you can collect in this game, so make sure you collect as many as you can while running. There are many characters in this game that you can use to play this game with these coins, so you can use them to get new characters.

In subway surfers, all errors and lagging issues are eliminated, so the game provides the best gaming experience. It is recommended that you play it on a smart device with an updated operating system to get good results. Subway surfer’s game is full of fun and entertainment for you, so you won’t get bored because every feature is fun and entertaining.

Exactly what is Subway Surfers APK?

On the internet, the subway surfers APK game can be easily downloaded from app stores or the internet in its standard version. The game is free to download, so it can be downloaded easily. There are many features in this game that can be used for free in the standard edition. There are also some paid items and features that are premium so you can’t use them unless you purchase them. The standard version of subway surfer also contains ads, so you might see popups and videos while playing it.


The game we provide on our website is the mod version of the subway surfers’ game, and there are many features included in this version that will make you a fan. Totally free and no registration is required. You can, therefore, use everything for free once you obtain this version. Getting premium features is free in the mod version, so you can get every item without paying for it. The mod version of the game does not contain ads if you prefer to play games without interruption.

A never-ending running track

There are endless tracks available in the subway surfers games to help you make a high score. As the player gains speed, it is very important to keep an eye on the hurdles, since there will be many along the way. The policeman with his dog will follow you as you run on a railway track. It will be necessary for you to pick up several coins on the track because that is the only way to earn money in this game for buying different items from the store.

Flight pack

Jetpacks are used by subway surfers for grabbing more coins at once. If you are running along the railroad tracks you will find a jetpack, but you can also buy one from the store with coins. Keep picking up coins to get more jetpacks. With a jetpack, you’re able to fly right away and there will be no police to chase you when you’re wearing it.

Magnet for coins

The game subway surfers offer you this very cool item. In this game, you will be able to collect more coins by using a coin magnet. You will never lose a coin if you hold a coin magnet in your hand because it catches every single coin in your hand. Magnets can be purchased from the store or from the track while you’re running. With this upgrade, you can receive more coins at once by increasing the timing.

Sneakers with superpowers

Running while being able to jump high makes for a very fun feature. On trains and tracks in the game, you’ll find super sneakers. Bring more fun to your game by offering your player this amazing item. Since all items can be upgraded in this game, make sure to upgrade them all over time. This will help you achieve the best scores possible in the game.

Using a hoverboard

Subway surfers are famous for using hoverboards. You will also be able to see many colours on the board while riding on these items. When riding a hoverboard, you are given another chance to run if hit by something. This item can help your player reach his or her full potential. Within this game, you have the option of purchasing hoverboards from the store. Make sure your player picks a hoverboard with a good speed and shape.

Characters with different traits

There are many great characters to choose from in subway surfers. You have many options in this game because every character has a different characteristic. Play with the characters to make this game more fun. There are some premium characters that you have to purchase if you want to play with them.

Coins indefinitely

The following instructions will explain how you can get unlimited coins in the subway surfers game. This game is completely free when you download the mod version, which gives unlimited coins. This money can be used to buy a wide variety of items for your game, such as hoverboards, different characters, boosters, jetpacks, and more. Thus, in this version of the game, there is no need to pick coins specifically, it is only necessary to run to make a high score?

Keys with no limit

A key can prevent you from losing your run when you have been hit by something in the subway. In the standard version of the subway game, the keys must be picked up from the track, but the mod version allows you to pick up an unlimited number of keys. During this version of the game, you don’t need to hit anything because those keys will let you continue playing.

Ads are not displayed

Since this version is completely ad-free, you will never get ads in the subway surfers mod version. There will be no ads to interrupt you when you play the mod version of this epic game.

Characters available for free

Many of the characters in subway surfers are premium characters, which means they have to be purchased. However, in this version, all premium characters are available for free, so you won’t need to buy them. You can play with any character anytime for free.

Totally free

There are no charges or subscriptions associated with this game. Feel free to download it and play it right away. The required features are already unlocked, so no in-app purchases are required.

Among its advantages

  • Playing is simple with simple controls
  • more than one character
  • improvements
  • with endless possibilities
  • turbochargers
  • Multiple items to choose from
  • Game optimization
  • options Multiple missions to choose from


A great way to kill boredom is to play subway surfers because they have everything you need to divert your attention. It is an easy game that can be played by anyone with little practice. Make the most of this game by choosing your favourite character and running as far as you can. You can play the subway surfers game for free at our website if you haven’t played it yet. We provide the latest version of this epic game which you can download in just one click. Enjoy playing this game whenever you want. Please leave your comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Subway Surfers APK work offline?

Sure! The subway surfers can be played offline anywhere and anytime without internet or data access.

In subway surfers, is it possible to get unlimited keys?

Install the mod version of subway surfers on your device if you want an unlimited key. You will receive unlimited keys after installing this version.